Sienamystic (sienamystic) wrote in i_love_paris,

Shopping for inexpensive scarves in Paris

Hi, all -

I'm going to be in Paris for a quick three days in February, and was asked by some friends to pick up scarves in the pashmina and keffiyeh styles (although I think another friend is going to ask for something in the Hermes vein!). Last time I was there, I was visiting San Denis and ended up buying a few very inexpensive (but much better quality than the ones sold to tourists by Notre Dame) pashmina-style scarves at a stall in a small outdoor market very near the Basilica. The stall had a really nice variety of colors and if they hadn't been right at closing time I'd have spent a lot more time there and bought more than I did! After some googling, I see that there is both an indoor food market and an outdoor market in the area.

What I'd like to know is whether this market is likely to be open in February and if it's only a weekend or weekday market (I honestly can't recall the day I was there) and if anyone has better suggestions for where I could find what I'm looking for. I won't have much time to shop, so I'm looking for a place that would have the best variety in color and style and, of course, not break my pocketbook!
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