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Need some help!

Hey hey. I have two issues I need help with:

1. One of my good friends is currently studying abroad in Paris... but, she hates to admit this, but.... she's bored. But it's not the city; she just doesn't know what kind of events are going on! (the program isn't very culturally-emerging, apparently.) She's not the type to really go clubbing or bar hopping. Travel is also a bit too expensive for her (she'd love to do that, but it's out of her budget.) My question is: is there a website or weekly newsletter for locals on events that are going on? Like the Paris equivalent of LA Weekly, for anyone familiar with that magazine. She likes going to see local bands, art galleries, indie film screenings, food/wine tastings... that sort of stuff.

2. I'm going to Amsterdam and Paris the week of March 15! It'll be my first time in either city, and I'm SO excited. The group I'm going with has morning touristy stuff going on, but I want to dedicate my evenings seeking out those great hidden finds. Any suggestions? But more importantly, I'm also really interested in (artsy fartsy) photography, so do you guys have any places that you just absolutely love and would make for great (artsy fartsy) photography?

There was a LOT to this entry, but any tips would be much appreciated! Especially for my friend, I hate that she's not experiencing Paris like she should be.
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